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Free and intuitive PDF scanner for mobile devices

Adobe Scan is an excellent application for users who have been looking for an on-the-go scanner. This system is a particularly wise choice in the event that images or QR codes need to be uploaded to an operating system. Unlike similar bundles, there is no charge to download and install this app. It is manufactured by Adobe Systems.

Main Functions and Uses

Adobe Scan essentially transforms any standard device such as a mobile phone or a tablet into a portable scanner. It will automatically upload these images into a PDF format. These can then be stored in a separate folder or sent to another recipient. Thanks to the user-friendly layout of this scanner, automatic functions such as image sharpening and the detection of borders will be handled by algorithms as opposed to being the responsibility of the end user. This content and then be further adjusted with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Other Options

There are several other features offered by Adobe Scan. For example, it is possible to edit recycled content with the click of a button. All images can likewise be saved within the cloud environment. This is an excellent way to enjoy an additional level of redundancy in the event that the original file is lost.


  • Adobe Scan is absolutely free to use.
  • All scanned images can be edited with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader or stored in the cloud.


  • In-app purchases are presented to the user.
  • Older operating systems do not support this software.


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Adobe Scan


Adobe Scan 20.03.09 for Android


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